Hard Wax Beans for Depilatory | 100g


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Long Lasting Result: It is specially designed for full body use. The wax firmly grips each strand of hair and gently removes it from the root, leading to slower hair regrowth and you can enjoy smooth skins for almost 3~4 weeks.

Powerful Hair Removal: It works on all areas of the body, including your face, armpits, legs, bikini lines, chest, back, etc.

Easy to Apply: No strips required and hard wax beans are super easy to melt; you can simply pull it off directly to meet total body depilatory needs.

Premium Quality: It is made from 100% certified natural ingredients, healthy and safe to your skin.

Note: Hard Wax Beans cannot be used separately; please use them with our Wax Warmer together.


Net content

100g lavender, 100g honey, 100g cream, 100g tea tree, 100g aloe vera, 100g Rose, 100g strawberry, 100g Chocolate, 100g chamomile, 100g black


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